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Today when i came to office, turned on my computer and logged In. With a cup of tea and going through my unread emails one by one i logged In to my skype as we use that for most of our official meeting with the head office team. The first thing that got my attention was

Wat am I up to

Wat am I up to

I started thinking what am i up to. I was waiting for a meeting to start at 10, but do i really have to tell this to my friends. Than i started thinking what am i really up to and my mind was blank. suddenly i thought lets see what are my friends up to and what can i make up from what they are telling me . Here is a snap shot of what my friends are up to

What are my friends up to

What are my friends up to

Now i write what came to my mind when I was going through each one of their up-to-messages. Will only go for some highlights.

  • Kamran is at Islamabad and he is always at Islamabad, wonder when he will be in some other city, He needs some change and outing.
  • Abdul Rasheed is finally In Battagram as MIS Coordinator, Enjoying my last position. Congratz Rasheed and best of luck for your new position and assignments. I hope u can handle the team their.
  • Ali is some hacking thingi and trying to convince me that i should leave my friends behind as they dont have the qualifying skill set for the gang or at least that wat i can make out of it. 🙂
  • Irum is back to peshawar and was with us in the meeting that i have just attended. I still didnt get from where we started and wat we actually decided in that meeting to do next. will check the minutes of the meeting later.
  • Waqar is always on the run, infact he was the kind of child who never crawled or walked, The day his feet touched the gournd for the first time, he started running like Road Runner of looney toons.
    Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner

    Wile E. Coyote and Road Runner (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


  • Shahid Mahmood is still voting for IMRAN KHAN.
    English: Imran Khan, December 2007

    English: Imran Khan, December 2007 (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

    even the elections are history , with half of IK votes gone to trash by Election Fixers.

  • Atif sab has quoted something nice that shows that i fall in the third category, am discussing people.
  • Kyaw is having cofee with his family back home. On his RnR.
    Cofee Time

    Cofee Time (Photo credit: CK | PHOTOGRAPHER)


  • Amjad Mahboob qureshi needs our prayers for his upcoming challenges.
  • Asad is enjoying mangoes in hot sun. Bro you need to send some for me.
  • Abdul Qayum is back from US, now that he has taken the decision he has to make it right. And i wonder if i am so much concerned about REEMA stealing his idea, what will be his feelings about that. REEMA started REEMA KA AMERICA
    reema ka america. a copy paste idea

    reema ka america. a copy paste idea

    after he had worked for a few months on ABDUL KA AMERICA.

    abdul ka america. the actual idea

    abdul ka america. the actual idea

    The point is who will watch or read abdul ka america if reema ka america is on air.

  • Achoka luduba is a simple man, he is marketing that.
  • Oh Waqar agian, and this time he is trying to make us believe that afridi’s are not gangsters. Wat about the zillion warships that u have prepared to attack on me bro.
  • Ashfaq ahmed is a proud Pathan and I am the same thing too. But wud like to call my self a proud Pakistani, than a proud Pathan.
  • Lubna status is a blank line, guess her mind is as blank as mine. thinking where to start my day.
  • and the list goes on and on but i guess i have to stop here.

Note:- To all my friends specially those who’s names are listed in the above post. No offense dears. I wrote this just for fun. If some one finds it offensive , Please let me know, I ll remove his part.

Have a nice working day. 🙂

I was robbed at gun point on 15th Mach 2012. Three masked men on a bike. They took my laptop, cell phones and all cash. Thanks to Allah that am still alive. The reason for putting it here is that currently i don’t have a laptop and coz of this i won’t be able to provide support about my articles till i get my hands on a new laptop. Secondly i have lost all my previous work. So to complete the mission that i have started  first i ll code again to reach the level where i was a few days earlier. Hope my frien

These are some of the unforgettable moments that i caught on my xpress music 5220 nokia’s 2.0 MP camera.  The time taken to complete this album took almost a year and still i have certain friends in office that i havent caught on my camera yet. But i hope that in coming Ramazan i will get a chance to complete my album with the missing personalities.

Note: Dear friends its just part of some fun that i want to share with u all. If someone dont like it. plz let me know. i will remove his pic. I dont want to hurt any1. its just some fun. thats all. even my snap is there. sohail took it while i was sleeping. and that was the first time in the past 1 year that i slept and sohail didnt missed the chance. so its great fun.

thinking deeply on how to get winodows 7 running on Open Moko

writting policy for android in Antlr

sick of Identity Management thats why he is hiding his identity by hiding his face

trying to fit Security Enhanced PostgreSQL with OpenERP on a fedora OS with SELinux enabeled. Does that make any sense.

having sweet dreams of his life in spain. enjoying his scholorship.

waiting for spring....

that is our man, before he got married of course. now he can never sleep ever.....

have no worries. OpenERP is here. implement it. and forget everything....

may his soul rest in peace with unicorn, oh sorry i mean ucon ...

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