Learning Android Canvas

My First Book

My First Book

I was away from my blog for a few months and the reason was this book. It was a challenging task and a lot different then writing my usual technical articles.  On 10th Dec 2013 I received the first printed version of my book. I really don’t have words to explain my feeling when I opened the package and saw my name on the Title of the book. A screen shot of the title page is as given below.

Learning Android Canvas By Mir Nauman Tahir

Learning Android Canvas By Mir Nauman Tahir

Overview of the book

  • Discover how to work with graphics in Android from scratch
  • Using a step by step approach, create a graphics-rich, fully functional application
  • Use Nine-Patch image
  • Understand user interactions and respond to those actions

Table of Contents

  • Preface
  • Chapter 1: Getting Started with Android Canvas
  • Chapter 2: Drawing Threads
  • Chapter 3: Drawing and Drawables in Android Canvas
  • Chapter 4: NinePatch Images
  • Chapter 5: Touch Events and Drawing on Canvas
  • Chapter 6: Putting it All Together

What you will learn from the book

  • Create a drawable thread to take away the load from the main thread
  • Develop important drawables and shapes
  • Understand the actions performed by users, capturing them, and responding to them
  • Unfold the basics of nested layouts
  • Design your own View classes and use them in the main class
  • Discover the graphics used as backgrounds of the whole screen or controls like buttons
  • Draw on the Android Canvas and Views
  • Set up the listener for touch events


This book is a fast-paced, practical, step-by-step tutorial guide full of examples that are easy to follow and implement.

Who this book is for

This book is a great resource for developers who have basic Android development knowledge and want to work on graphics-rich applications and games but are totally new to working with graphics and Android Canvas.

Sample Chapter

The sample Chapter can be downloaded from the following link.  LearningAndroidCanvas_Chapter_04

Where to buy

Please follow the link if you are interested in buying the Learning Android Canvas  http://bit.ly/1ke3Pc2